Culture Frozen

A Center for the Preservation & Promotion of Art, Culture & Environment. Loutolim

Built as a showcase of the ethno-socio-cultural timeline, “Ancestral Goa” or the Big Foot, as it is more popularly known was initiated in the year 1995. It completes 16 years, officially, on the 15thof November 2011. What began as a mere case of show and tell actually evolved into a deeper and more concrete ethnological chronology; of trades, architecture and the very lifestyle of the people.

The project entails a detailed pictorial depiction of Real instruments, the explanations of the uses and a lot of the mythological lore about the land and its very creation. There are life-size statues, and the dwellings detailing the evolutionary progress from the simplest to the more complicated and concrete. There are also depictions of the various modes of transport.