8) “The Big Foot Cross Museum” at Loutolim, has on displays 1062 crosses from all over the world in 80 classifications. This museum with its display, varieties and details, is the first ever of its kind, here, in Goa created in 2006. Attempting to make our world inspiring, environment friendly and a better place to live in.

9) An unusual first was created in an icon chapel with 374 icons. This is at Maendra’s 250 Yrs. Old original, family heritage mansion, Casa Araujo Alvares at, “Kattem”, in Loutolim and an exhibition of 1081ccrosses and 1081 Ganesh idols.

10) Maendra launched a book on his collection of crosses, displayed at the “Big Foot Cross Museum”. This book on crosses & Goan legends – “In Search” is a First in all categories as such a detailed edition, goes.

11) Maendra was one of the few entrepreneurs to carry forward the challenge of sharing his artistic genius with young people. He began one of the First children’s Nature Art Camp from May 1995 to date, at the Big Foot Dance Floor where around 300-400 children participated, annually.