Maendra Jocelino Araujo Alvares

Born on 1st March 1958 at Margao, Goa, India.
A man with many FIRST challenges and many FIRSTS down the road.

1) The first advertising agency in Goa - Art Ads, in 1983, handling different publicity media under one roof.

2) A Centre for Preservation and Promotion of Art, Culture & Environment, launched in 1994 called "Ancestral Goa" - the first of its kind, open air museum spread over 9 acres at Loutolim, depicting the culture and tradition of rural Goa that existed a hundred years ago, in the form of life size statues and structures, showcasing: 1) Structures, architecture and materials used. ii) Occupation and trades. iii) Tools and equipment. iv) The dress styles (Indian & western mix). v) Beliefs. vii) 'Communal Harmony' - how our people worked and lived together.

3) Goa's first designer's dance floor - The Big Foot Dance Floor, in the shape of a giant footprint, with the toes acting as dais.